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Friends + Strangers: DC music scene update

Singing all the way home

Last weekend my friend and I sang all the way home--from Dupont to U street. We belted out our favorite songs while weaving our way through the groups of college students, young professionals, and diplomats that were jumping in cabs or lingering outside of bars. They may or may not have heard us, but we did not care...though we did take some side streets so we could really get into Michael Bublé.

It’s not that it’s the holidays. It’s that when you are really happy you sing. And even though I’m a bit stressed about getting designs done for next season, I’m super happy I’m even trying to do it!

I had forgotten how much I love to sing. I used to sing a lot as a kid, and in the shower, and just around the house...even though I’m not that good at it (my friend did teach me how to harmonize, which isn’t as hard as I thought). I’ve dabbled in a few instruments--violin, guitar, piano, drums, anything I could get my hands on when hanging out with more musically talented friends--but never really stuck with anything. I like to write songs, but haven’t done that in a while either. I think as a creative person music is just something you are drawn to and want to be around.  I look forward to visits to my parent’s house so I can dance up some tunes on their piano.

In LA and SF I was more a part of the music scene. Now I get super nostalgic about bands I used to follow and venues I used to frequent. Even in Bilbao I was pretty tuned in. I had the luxury of having musician friends and being tied into the dj scene so I usually knew who was playing where and was often on the list. I’m one of those people that doesn’t remember names of bands or songs so having friends that do is really key for me to actually retain the information.

Well, no more excuses! DC has an amazing music scene and awesome venues. I’ve been to shows mostly due to my sister inviting me (thanks Val!). I’m finally starting to find my favorite spots (probably the 9:30 club, the Black Cat, Rock N’Roll and Babe City) and meet other people that like music, too.

DC music scene update

Photography by Krystina Gabrielle

Photography by Krystina Gabrielle


A while ago my friend told me he was joining a feminist punk band. I was like, uh, okay...but last week I went to see Hemlines at DC nine and they are most certainly a feminist punk band. They totally rock. They’re fresh. They aren’t overstated or under prepared. I was pretty impressed by their raw lyrics, fierce stage presence and punchy bass lines. Yes, their performance will recall every other feminist punk band you’ve seen or heard--but in a good way. I wish I came up with their band name.

listen: |


see: Saturday, January 17th at Rock N’ Roll Hotel $12 buy tickets here

Photography by Michael Andrade

Photography by Michael Andrade

The Sea Life

Speaking of Rock N’ Roll...I went to see Beach Fossils a few weeks ago and since my friends were friends with someone in that band we didn’t show up until right before the headliner, which means I totally missed the Sea Life. Fast forward to this weekend when I met the band at another show. I think I met all of them and they are each super sweet, friendly, open and committed to good music making. I’m sad I missed their performance. I feel really rude. I’m trying to make up for it by playing Prozac & Merlot on repeat.

listen: |                                                                     


see: Thursday, December 4th at The Black Cat $10 buy tickets here

Photography by Girolama Bui

Photography by Girolama Bui

Big Hush

You’re invited by someone you don’t know. On the internet. You go. You bring your own beer. You show up, but don’t know where it is. You remember the map on the invite. Because it’s kind of hidden. You’re supposed to go through the back door. There is no back door. You watch the small crowd in the back yard and wonder how you are supposed to get in. You go into the garage and hope for the best. You open the door and realize that was the back door.

You say hi to strangers. You walk down the stairs. You start swaying in a sea of people and forget to check your phone. You dance. You don’t care that you aren’t in the front, that you can’t see anything, that it’s warm. That you don’t know the name of the band. You’re just in it. It moves you. You’re amongst friends. It sounds like you. You’re a part of it.

That’s kinda what Big Hush sounds like. Or at least, that’s what it feels like.



see: (I don't know when/where they are playing next...let me know so I can add!)

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