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In the studio: draping, sketching, screen printing and swatching

It's December. Already.

Does anyone else want to just stay inside bundled up reading a book? Why does the cold make me feel this way? 

I've been working on a fall/winter collection and am scrambling to get final patterns and muslins ready. We just had a fitting this weekend (with my sister ;) which went really well and I am happy to report everything fit! Just some minor tweaks and we have some good patterns. I'm working out the custom print and will be in the screen printing studio this weekend to continue testing them out. Still a lot of work to do, but at least making some progress. 

I just found out I'll be away for a month -- holidays, work trips, etc. -- on the west coast. I'm pretty excited to be traveling for a bit (and escape the east coast winter), but this sets me back four weeks of studio time. I'll just have to be on my A-game end of January. 

This is my bed. 

This is my sewing studio space. I draped a dress that I hope will work out. It fits, but now I have to make a pattern and then try again. 

This is a test screen print of a pattern I'm hoping to use. It was absolutely amazing to be back in the printing studio - I'll have to post about that soon.  

I also just got back some test swatches from Spoonflower which are OK. I did those in black and white, the only issues is each fabric has a different tone and I don't like the inconsistency, so maybe I'll have to add a background color...hmm... 

Ok, back to my hot chocolate and npr. I gotta get dressed and go to work!

<3 <3 <3 


Stephanie Echeveste