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my weekly goals #1

This is my first Weekly Wishes post! I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, but haven't. I tried out my Sunday Slowdown posts for a while, but I realized what I like most about these posts is the community building aspect. The Nectar Collective started a link up where you have to comment on the person that linked up before you (hello, welcome to the jungle ;) - which I love! So here goes. 


  1. Organize my tax documents I was really hung over Sunday thanks to the kalimotxo my sister made for a night out. I also hadn't really eaten dinner because I was so nervous about #2. Point is--I was stuck in bed anyway on Sunday so I just decided to bite the bullet and do my taxes. It was annoying and hard because last year was a combination of W-2s, 1099s, business income in another state, etc. I finally sorted everything out, only to find I am missing a few documents. At least it's ready to go after I get those!  
  2. Photo shoot with Zophia I had a photoshoot planned with Betsy, CEO of Zophia, a badass bespoke pencil skirt company here in DC. I met Betsy at a local fashion designer meet up a few months ago and I was totally excited to work with her. Problem: I was literally out of town for a month, so it was a little hard to plan and I just was generally stressed to work with someone I admire so much! I mean her pencil skirts are amazing and her unique business model is something I am totally into. My sister was modeling and we were working with one of Betsy's photographers. I had only ever done full creative direction/planning on my own photoshoot once before, and that was with just my sister and a good friend (also named Betsy) as photographer, so I was nervous about working with new people. Long story short, we had an amazing time. I haven't seen Dustin's photos yet, but I'm sure he got at least a few good ones (because I did ;) ! Val did really well, especially since we made her stand outside in the cold. My original location didn't work out, but the second one did and afterward Val, Dustin and I bonded over bagel sandwiches and a desire to go winter hiking. I'm totally in my element during a shoot, so it wasn't until after it was over that the adrenaline hit and I was like--ahh I can't believe that all totally worked I hope everyone got what they wanted!!! And this is why I didn't eat dinner. And #1 happened. 
  3. Sign up for German class One of my New Year's resolutions is to get back into German. It's a language I've dabbled in and I really wanted to start classes again and go back to Berlin soon. Luckily, I got picked in the Global Language Network lottery and I am all signed up!


  1. Organize myself By myself I mean my business, my blog, my apartment, my job...yeah. So it's kind of ambitious but I did a lot of work tonight and I feel better already so I'm gonna say CHECK. 
  2. Send out my monthly newsletter In doing #1 I realized I need to send out a monthly newsletter and share the wonders of the etxe wallet and the Skimm. I'm getting faster at writing newsletters so another CHECK! It goes out tomorrow AM. 
  3. Hang out with my friends in DC I am so so so thankful to have friends all over the world. A lot of them are on the west coast right now and I just got back from a long trip during which I got to see most of them. It was amazing -- to spend everyday with a really good friend. They are all just so amazing. Some of them moved from DC to SF, which means I have less friends in DC. I only moved out here a year ago, so it really hasn't been that long to make friends as a late twenty-something-year old ya know? I also am pretty content with having a glass of wine and reading a book, alone, in my house. Or going to an art show, alone. Or spending full weekends in the sewing studio working on designs, alone. But if I'm always busy doin my thang than I can't really complain about not having much of a social life in DC. Thus, I'm going to make more of an effort to hang out with friends IN DC. So, if I keep texting, emailing, facebook messaging you-it's 'cause I think you are super amazing, you inspire me, and I wanna hang out!

What are your goals for the week? 

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