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International Radio Vibes


Ok, I’m still in Laguna and the beach is just so shiny it’s hard to do anything else but run in the sand and stare at it. Or sit and stare at it. Or read and stare at it out of the corner of my eye.

My friend sent me this post about creatives in DC (A Creative DC) and I’m really homesick to get back to my home! I love to travel, but I love living in DC and being surround by so many inspiring creatives. You have to dig a little, but they are there. And they’re real. 

Anyhow...this week's travel Tuesday theme is music. A Compass Rose shared her favorite songs for travel, and I’m sharing my favorite radio stations to listen to anywhere (with an internet connection).

I’m a nostalgic soul, so for me listening to radio stations from places I love helps connect me virtually. I also used to DJ a radio station when I was in university (long live KXSC). I LOVE RADIO.

I mostly use TuneIn to listen to these stations. You can follow me here at my TuneIn profile.

RNA Radio Tres

Spain’s public media has an excellent music station. They have really unique shows and often focus on one particular artists (from past or present) or play novellas. My favorite show is on Saturday mornings when the DJ plays a song in English and then translates the whole thing while the song is playing into Spanish. It’s awesome.

Radio Eins

Whenever I’m in Berlin my friend’s always playing this fantastic station that plays an eclectic mix and always introduces me to some new artist (way before they make it across the pond ;). It’s a little random but always satisfies.

KCRW’s Eclectic24

Hands down best go-to station if you want to chill out, dance it out or feel it out. It is very SoCal and even though it does not include Nic Harcourt (those were the days) it IS the very ethos of his reign as Music Director at KCRW in Santa Monica. They’ve been playing classical music here and there lately, which Iove.

WAMU 88.5

Washington DC’s local NPR station has the best in news updates, local traffic and talk radio. I particularly love Art Beat with Lauren Landau and The Diane Rehm Show.

KX 93.5

Since you can’t get any other FM radio stations in Laguna, they created their own. Need a little bit of sun and surf in your life? Tune in to the local gem.

What’s your favorite radio station? Where do you love to tune in?