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update: ESL, living, weaving, general assembly...

Here's a recent sketch/watercolor portrait. 

I cannot believe it is already October. Today I collected some leaves in the park and I got really excited about everything fall. I've been changing things up lately to better align my day-to-day with some new goals. I have not done another collection, but I've also fallen out of love with product design - or rather selling product. I've been focusing on making for the love of it, writing for the love of it, and learning for the love of it. That being said, I still have to make money, so some of my new focuses are for my day job - which is OK - which I actually still really like!

Here's what I'm spending my time on these days: 


Weaving - I'm still working on my project. It takes a long time. 

Digital Marketing at General Assembly - I know, marketing is kinda disgusting, but I'm using it for a passion project and work! I really like the class, and will be doing my final project on cocktails+craft! 

Maintaining Relationships - this is more just me trying to be a better friend, sister, daughter, etc. My main thing is calling people on the phone, asking people to hang out (instead of being busy and MIA all the time) and being their when friends/family need me. 


ESL - I'm volunteer teaching an ESL class! I LOVE it! I'm co-teaching, so it's a lot easier to manage. I have about 6 adult students from 5 different countries. It is so amazing to see them learn things they can actually use. Makes me a little nostalgic for Bilbao, but mostly just happy I can give back. 

TBD - I have some other projects I want to do, but more later if/when they happen. 

Being present

(Ok - so I haven't really been writing. It's stupid - my main love is writing and yet I don't make enough time for it. It also happens so organically that it's really hard for me to plan time for it and then actually be able to focus when I have that time. I'm trying to work on this.)

I AM trying to be more of my spontaneous self. Having free time to do whatever makes me really happy. 

I'm also giving myself casual time to sketch, play with watercolors, even sew. I made a poncho-type thing the other week! Less pressure means I make more, it's annoying. 

Also, being around to spend time with my sister is kinda working. We're kinda being friends. It's kinda ok. 

Alright - just wanted to give an update since I haven't been blogging regularly. I'll keep up this blog on occasion, but also be posting to my Medium account and new cocktails+craft site.