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My Weekly Goals #4

This past week has been snowy! I grew up in Arizona, so I still get a little shocked when the temperature drops. Swirly snow is so beautiful--but I can only walk through it for about 20 seconds before my face freezes.

I hope you all had a really great three-day weekend and ~Valentine's Day~.  On Saturday morning I saw a post on Vila Clothes's instagram with the idea to make a heart-shaped camera filter. While listening to the love-over-fear playlist, I made my own version out of a post-it note. While out and about this weekend I took some photos of the snow. I hope you like them!

This past week I spent some time visiting my friend's home studio to get inspiration in setting up my own in my new apartment, spent time blogging, went to a live post cast recording and scouted textiles. I found some awesome sweaters at Martha's Table that I'll soon be turning into some new looks. I also made a new friend (a friend of a friend was in town) and talked break-ups, dating and love over some craft beers at Lost + Found. A busy week, but enough downtime to watch a depressing German film and price out all the things I need for my new place. 

How was your week? 



  1. Work out 3x. This did not happen. It happened twice but with the snow and the cold and yeah more excuses. I'll try again this week. 
  2. Complete 5 sketches for Laguna collection. Yes! And it's live. I'm still practicing, but I'm happy enough with them to share. What do you think of my Thalia collection
  3. Cut robe pattern and get organized. I decided to work on textiles first, so I didn't do this but I did something else on my list towards finishing my next collection. 


  1. Organize next collection and prep fabric. I have to redo my plan because moving is taking up more time than anticipated and I want to get my home work space set up before really diving in. 
  2. Pack. It's time to box up everything for moving next weekend.
  3. Blog according to schedule. I am actually writing this on Tuesday, so I'm already a day behind. 
  4. Work out 3x. I'm adding another goal since I didn't accomplish this last week and it's normally just my normal schedule so I have to get back on track. Snow or no snow. 

What are your goals for the week? 

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