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My Weekly Goals #5

I wrote this on a train from NY to DC and it was super bumpy and hard to concentrate! There was ice on the track...crazy, right? One of the many (previously unknown to me) things that happen in winter.

Last week I packed up my life. It’s strange to put everything I own (besides the stuff I still have at my parents house) into boxes. I tried not to get too emotional about it—there is something painful about moving even when you are ready and excited about the change. Luckily, none of my flatmates were home so I could blast 90s tunes all day, which turned into a solo karaoke party. 

I had a last minute trip to New York this weekend so I could check out the Capsule tradeshow. I had an awesome time meeting new designers and catching up on the trends. Check back for my coverage of Capsule Womenswear A/W 2015 and Axis tomorrow. I also got to visit my cousin and have a delicious home-cooked meal. Downton Abbey, wine, family, a fat cat and a fireplace—all the ingredients for a great Sunday night (nope, I didn’t watch the Oscars). Next Sunday night I’ll be in my own new home with my sister! I can’t wait!


  1. Organize next collection and prep fabric. I organized my next collection, but I didn't prep the fabric. Being in the middle of moving it didn't make sense to start on that yet. But progress!
  2. Pack. CHECK.
  3. Blog according to schedule. I did this. But now weekend travel is kinda throwing me off again...
  4. Work out 3x. Um, no. I think between preparing for a move and the freezing cold I just couldn't. I did do extra walk n' work...I'm excited to set up a home workout area in my new place. Things will get back to normal soon.


  1. Write up the two urgent pieces on my blog calendar. I have two pending pieces I have to get up asap. They are mostly written I just need to post with photos, ya know. I’ll update here once I finish them!

  2. Research Austin for my trip next week (eek!). I’m going to SXSWedu for work and heading out the weekend before so I can explore a bit of Austin beforehand. Please leave any tips for Austin in the comments! I don’t know anything about the city and I need your help!

  3. Move. Seeing as I am all packed and I have movers scheduled, this shouldn’t be too hard…I hope.

Have a fantastic week! Share your Austin tips below!!

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