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My Weekly Goals #6

The White House dressed in snow

The White House dressed in snow

Happy March everyone! I hope you are somewhere warm and toasty. This new apartment I just moved into is, but it's been freezing outside. Lots of snow and ice.

Last week I moved! I still can't really believe I won't be going back to my old place. I'm super happy at my new apartment but still have a ton of set up and design to do. We moved Saturday and then spent Sunday site seeing with some relatives that are in town! I can't wait to get our house set up, but it will have to wait until Friday when my sister and I are both free. It's great to live with my sister, but also still hard to figure out our schedules. I'm hoping we'll be able to make time for each other, but for now I'm just happy to be in a new place together. 


  1. Write up the two urgent pieces on my blog calendar. I did all my posts on Capsule last week! Read my recap and trend reports

  2. Research Austin for my trip next week (eek!). I have not even thought about Austin. I had zero time last night to plan this. Does anyone have tips? Please leave them in the comments below!

  3. Move. Done! I still have to set up but at least all my stuff is in. 


  1. Get furniture for my new house. We didn't have time to get anything last weekend because we had some family in town, but it's #1 on my list this week (before I leave for Austin). 

  2. Practice German. I'm in a German course right now and want to spend time mastering new vocab. 

  3. Set up home studio. I have much more space at my new place, but I need to design out a work area so I can design, sew and create at home.

Have a fantastic week! Share your Austin tips below!! 

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