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Stephanie's April Goals

Our 2nd annual Easter brunch in Malcolm X park 

Our 2nd annual Easter brunch in Malcolm X park 

Looking back at March I cannot believe how much has happened! I went to Austin for SXSWedu, hosted family in town from Spain, set up my apartment and home studio, had our first Cocktails+Craft and started a new job!

I also started a weaving class and continue to have German class every Mittwoch. I learned a lot this month - like how overplanning is really, really bad for me and you never know when a new friend will show up or an interesting connection will happen: The professor that joined us at SXSWedu is from Tallinn! And I found out an old co-worker is now my neighbor!

I've been trying to go to bed earlier (though not tonight) and waking up earlier so I can get the most out of my days and do awesome at my new job - which I love! It's really amazing to work on a fantastic team doing really interesting projects that I believe in. Follow me @stephanieetxe for more details on the work I do. 

I've been thinking a lot about why I blog and create and have gotten more clear on the things I want to spend my time on, which include helping to create a global brand (my day job), learning (weaving, german classes), daily design/sketch practice (#100daysofdresses) and inspiring creativity (this blog and Cocktails+Craft). I'm still working on a small womenswear collection. Yeah, I guess that's a lot of things, but it makes sense in my brain and keeps me sane. So I'm going with it. Slowly certain things will float to the surface and it all makes me happy.

my goals last week

  1. Make something everyday. I did this almost. I used the hashtag #etxemade and just started a project called #100daysofdresses via #100dayproject to continue this. 

  2. Go on a run. I've been following my workout schedule more - it helps that it is finally Spring here in DC!

  3. Wrap up my SXSWedu coverage. Almost finished. I know, It's April.

my goals this month

  1. Journal once a week. I really function better when I set aside time to write for myself. 

  2. Prep fabric. I bought these awesome sweaters and want to reuse them in new patterns I developed. 

  3. #100daysofdresses. I really want to stick to this!

How was your March? What are your goals for April? 

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