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may goals


What happened to April? It was Easter and then boom, done. Flowers are blooming everywhere and we've had some good rain showers. I love Spring and wish it could last longer! 

I meet some really awesome people this month and got to connect at my favorite events including Creative Mornings, Little Salon and art events at Hillyer. I went to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, ran a Twitter chat and went to New York twice for work. I also got to spend time with a good friend in town, take a class with co-workers at Culinaeire and go to the Sheep and Wool Festival. Whew. Busy, but a super great month

We released our 2015/2016 Cocktails + Craft schedule so check it out if you are interested in doing something creative and drinking with friends. 

Here are my goals from last month and what I hope to accomplish in May:

my goals last month

  1. Journal once a week. I've been doing okay at this -- but I could definitely set more time aside. 

  2. Prep fabric. I did this! Now I'm on to the fun part. 

  3. #100daysofdresses. I've only missed a few days, but I always made them up!

my goals this month

  1. Work on patterns/samples. I haven't had much time to work on my next collection, so it's really important I set time aside for this and get going on my samples. 

  2. Have a fun Sazeracs and Succulents. Next Cocktails + Craft is this Saturday! I can't wait. 

  3. Help my family plan an amazing graduation party for my sister. I'll be heading to Arizona in a few weeks to hang out with my family and celebrate my sister's graduation. 

how was your april? what are your goals for may?