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When you're sick...

I'm still doing #100DaysofDressSketches

I'm still doing #100DaysofDressSketches

you don't want to sleep but you have to

you get tired of watching movies

you think of all these ideas you can't do because it hurts too much to lift your head

you aren't hungry... but when you are you're too weak to make any food... so then you pretend you aren't hungry

you feel blurry

you can't write

you're clammy all the time

when you finally can lift your head, you work too hard and then have to lay down again

you want to be alone but are sad when no one wants to come over 

I've been sick all weekend and am still getting over it. I should be thankful as I haven't been sick in a while, but it still is awful. My sister has been gone all weekend (she still is not home) so I've been by myself and I hate it! Cabin fever x 100,000,000. 

So that's all for now. Editing photos from my sister's graduation party that I'll put up on Thursday. And then I'm off to Florida for a little island getaway and my company's annual meeting -- see why I need to get better?!

Hope you are having a great non-sick week!!