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Island time

Spent some time on an island with work friends. That's right work friends! Half of us were from my office and the other half from the NY office. We don't all work together anymore, but we all at one point kind of did. A few in the group planned the whole thing and it turned out to be one of my favorite vacations! Days upon days on the beach, sitting in the warm gulf-coast water, followed by pool time, followed by jenga, flip cup and cards of humanity. We got pretty creative with the cocktails because there wasn't easy access to groceries and we forgot the mixers...but remembered the moonshine-drenched strawberries.

I grew up on the west coast, so this was a very different kind of beach experience. The water was really warm. There were storms every day at 4pm. Mosquitoes! No bonfires. Totally private beach (whole island was a resort actually). 

And spending a vacation with coworkers? It was actually fantastic. We didn't talk about work (much), just hung out and spent time in the sun. We kayaked with dolphins and ate all our meals together before we set up the table for red cup games. We literally watched the sun go down every single day and it was gorgeous. 

Can't wait for the next trip with these folks!