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Thinking to create community in my neighborhood. Inspired by supper clubs I've either planned or attended and other creative placemaking projects, I envision a diverse, historically rooted and community driven meal in Malcolm X Park.

Malcolm X Meals


What if we had a long train of mismatched dinner tables and chairs from the north end of the park to the Joan of Arc statue filled with neighbors, meals and connection? What if we could gather the people who actually live in the vicinity of the park to meet each other and share who they are and where they came from?


Gather the community from around Malcolm X Park to meet for a series of potluck meals. Each attendee will bring a family recipe and be prepared to share his/her own story of what the meal means to him/her. Conversationists from the community will trained and seated throughout the tables to help guide conversation and ensure everyone meets and learns something new.

Each meal will have a theme to teach us about either the park or DC area and will be organically woven into the experience. 


As this is still a concept, I'm looking for funding to make sure this is a successful event and do the proper outreach and documentation. 

we need your help

Conversationists, street team, furniture designers, historians, permit givers, photographer, bartenders...we need you! If you are interested in helping to organize, please email me

We especially need: 

  • street team - these people will do outreach to the community.
  • planners - are you great at getting shit done? Good. We need you.
  • historian/local storytellers - do you know this history of this place? Share it and help others to learn about it, too.
  • photographer/videographer - we'd like to capture these meals without being intrusive or distracting. We also want to encourage people to put away their phones.
  • designers - would be helpful to have some nice branding for history components and interactions we may try. 
  • donors - we need people to help fund whatever money we might need for permits, furniture,  beverages, outreach, etc.