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last week // this week 5.15.16


It's been a while since I've kept a regular blog schedule, so here goes another attempt to do consistent updates!

I'll be sharing weekly last week // this week updates at the end of each week...mostly for myself, but perhaps you are interested too!

last week

  • Testing and ultimately buying a bicycle! I've been thinking about this for a while and last week was my final research-test plow before I took the plunge. EVERYONE has an opinion about bicycles and it's a bit overwhelming. I eventually decided to get the Jamis Coda Sport. I rode it to work (~6.5 miles each way) today and it was amazing. If you are in the market for a bike-save some of your budget for the accessories because they add up!
  • new weaving project! I am starting a rug.  I'll be measuring yarn for hours tomorrow.
  • casual hang out time with friends--I think it's important to be spontaneous - even if you are super busy and have shit to get done!
  • BERNHOFT and the shudderbugs--a friend invited me to this show and I'm so glad because it was amazing. Got a burger and beer afterwards. 
  • Bachata Nights--one of the events I was incubating for work went super well! I'm hoping someone keeps funding it. 
  • The No Kings Collective Hustle 2.0 show was fun...if a little disjointed. Some pieces really hit the mark, others were a little eh.  But that's art! What I most loved was that my friend and I ran into people. I feel like I'm finally finding my place in this city. 
  • Flashband at SongByrd--I invited a few friends and it was a really interesting show-you never really know what's coming. I am so impressed with the Flashband community and I am excited for its reincarnation. 
  • Cleaned out and organized my closet. 🙌🏼 
  • and packed! 
  • and waited in line at Zara to try crappy clothes on, then realized they weren't really worth the wait to actually buy them 🙄 
  • got some new lipstick in a color I DON'T already have. 
  • dinner and a movie and ice cream and outside with someone special. And an amazing dog. 
  • rain. 

this week  

  • getting some fixin's on my new bike
  • work stuff.  
  • measuring that yarn at weaving
  • Island getaway CANNOT WAIT

Catch you all next week! I probably won't update until I get back from the island getaway--I'll be too busy swimming with dolphins. 

xx, Stephanie