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last week // this week 6.26.16


last week

  • Participated in Arlington County's focus group for millennials on public space. Takeaways: we want moveable chairs, multiple things to do in one space and parks we can go to without a dog or child and not feel creepy. 
  • Made *some* progress on my weaving. It is very slow. 
  • Makers Meals at Republic Restorative! I meet some amazing people and I love what Amber is doing with the group. Rachel and Pia have created a gorgeous atmosphere in their new distillery.
  • Speed coaching for entrepreneurs in Arlington was fascinating. I was surprised by how many people came out and impressed by the caliber of coaches. Huge shout out to Mission 2 Market for putting on an excellent night. 
  • Women in Tech brunch was validating. 
  • Lunch at The Royal...always yummy and relaxing.
  • Did not die at Solid Core. I actually really loved the teacher Saturday AM. 
  • Finalized our cocktail for the next cocktails+craft (surprise: it includes hibiscus simple syrup)

this week