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And the color of the year is...

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One day, a long time ago, my little sister was painting her room. She picked out the colors herself and spent all day working. I would go in periodically to check, but she wouldn't let me look. Finally, when she was finished, she pulled me in to see her masterpiece.

I scanned the walls and told her she did a great job. But then, I noticed some blue on the cherry railing. In fact, the whole cherry railing was the color of the tape blue. I said, maybe you should take off the painter's tape? And her face just melted. There was no painter's tape, she just picked paint that was the exact shade of painter's tape.

I laughed so hard that eventually she turned from embarrassed to mad and kicked me out of her room. I still feel bad about that, but she did later admit the shade was awfully close. Which is how I feel about Pantone's 'dazzling blue' (18-3949), one of the proposed colors of Spring 2014. A bit like painter's tape, don't ya think? I love it in these pieces nonetheless. You never know what gets stuck in your memory.