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create: paper crane garland

Ever wonder how to make paper crane garlands?


Last night Analog hosted a Pretty Paper Party with Amina of Handmade Habitat. I was happy to escape the cold dark night for some origami fun in the cozy shop.

It's pretty simple to make paper crane garlands.

Paper Matters

First, find some cool paper. You can create the cranes out of any type of paper. Amina had book pages and maps cut in squares that we could use. I loved the way my cranes came out when I used these pages from a Jane Austen book--nice and vintage looking.

Origami Fun

Second, make the crane. This youtube video will show you how if you don't already know. Nice thing about this video - you can pause if you get lost. We just kept asking Amina what to do next. I didn't really memorize the steps until my fourth crane.

Next, make more cranes! I made about five for my garland.

String it on like popcorn

Now, get some string (I loved this striped white and red one) and thread it with a needle through the center of the crane.

You did it!

And, voila, you have a paper crane garland! Cranes symbolize many things, including longevity, balance, wisdom, and good fortune -- so hang some up in your room if you're into that. I put mine up in my kitchen for no good reason except it looks awesome.

Here's my step-by-step: 



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