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Kickstarter Love to four women with four amazing projects

Some of my favorite things (by my favorite people) from Kickstarter. The shiny hoodie you'll want to wear everywhere...Beastwares releases it's  INCANDESCENT ARMOR: The Cutting Edge in Hoodies. Phoenix and I met in design class at CCSF, where I would stare at her shiny leggings for hours. So glad to see she's doing a hoodie that is space age and form fitting. Yes, you will spot Beastwares at burning man (if they are are skinny and sleek it is beastwares, if they are bagging they are Betabrand's Disco pants).

If you are more of the subtle type, check out Scout's Honor, clothing for the modern tomboy. I love the plaids Clare handpicked and the innovative ways she's using darts. We met in illustration class at CCSF. She just reached her goal yesterday!

And for the man in your life. Or the yogi in you. InYo ended it's kickstarter campaign last week to rave reviews and they also released a men's version! Ladies, you have a million prints to choose from, too. Rachel and I met when I worked at Betabrand, and we've been friends ever since.

Having a baby? Nesting Days also ended its Kickstarter last week and already orders are coming in on their online store. I keep hearing 'That's the baby carrier I want'! from new moms. And they are right -- it's the baby carrier I want and I don't even have a baby. I met Julie through Rachel and full disclosure, I help her out on the internet.

And there you go. Four super amazing Kickstarter campaigns by four super amazing women in the Bay Area, all manufacturing locally and making their ideas come to life the good old fashion way. No venture capital needed, just a little love from a lot of people around the world. Magic happens when we all come together to support each other.