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behind the scenes: design

behind-the-scenes-design I am still super new to all of this, but I thought I'd share some photos in creating the Flor Silvestre collection. There isn't really a right or wrong way to come up with designs...I kind of just go with it. I start with fabric or a moodboard...usually a combination of both.'s kind of like a chicken or the egg situation for me, but here was my moodboard: flor silvestre moodboard ss15

Then I started sketches and went fabric shopping with Val. When I found the liberty of london print I knew it would be the key fabric for these garments. It's just so perfect. I used to hate sketching. I'm not naturally good at it so I really have to try. And be patient. I much prefer sculpting fabric/draping, but sketches are really helpful to see all things together and actually create a cohesive body of work. It's also just such a standard thing that you use to communicate your ideas. So, I force myself to do it and I'm slowly starting to like it (and kind of getting better).

flor silvestre sketches ss15

Then I worked on patterns--a combination of draping and drafting and copying existing garments (like, if I like the way a skirt is, a pocket detail, etc.). I prefer draping, but I'm trying to do more drafting and just learn more of the technical aspects of pattern making so I can get better at it. In my past jobs I would just give the patternmaker measurements and sketches...and often talk it out since I was always over there, but doing it on my own I have to just learn--trial and error. It took me much longer than I anticipated and in the process I changed direction and cut out some bodies.


Once I had some patterns I cut and sewed muslins, fitted them on my sister (I knew she would be my model) and then edited, adjusted, etc., etc. Once I felt I had the patterns where I wanted them I cut out the actual fabric. And sewed 'em up!

IMG_7283Val in final fitting

More fittings, more adjustments... eventually I finished the garments. I learned a ton during this process and am super excited to start on a fall/winter collection. I think practice makes perfect, so even though I'm still figuring a lot of things out, I know I'll eventually have a flow that works for me.

Flor Silvestre-video-1-3

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