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Wanderlust Wednesday: Caracas in the East Village

Caracas5Caracas, East Village Travel time: not long. Ideal length: an afternoon. Directions: L to 1st ave, F/V to 2nd ave,6 to Astor Place, or N, R to 8th st. Go to 7th St. it's at 93 1/2 E. 7th St. Tips: Bring friends and an appetite.


Caracas3Ok, so I did not go to Venezuela, but I did eat amazing food at a Venezuelan restaurant. Walked all the way up from Ost Cafe. I have no idea if the food was authentic as I have never been to Venezuela, but I loved every bite. The atmosphere was extremely warm and we literally stayed for hours eating, chatting, pondering our friendships and life journeys. I am so thankful to have seen some of my best friends--regardless of where we are we somehow stay close. From Los Angeles to New York, we're still together, still able to pick up wherever we left off.

Caracas has a few locations in New York and a fantastic lunch special (from noon to 4pm): $8.50 for a soup or salad and any arepa. They carry Blue Bottle coffee, so we were able to enjoy that afterward! I miss my friends already, but I will see them soon--on which coast I do not yet know!

Tajadas: fried sweet plantains with salty cheese. Guacamole & handmade chips.

Tajadas: fried sweet plantains with salty cheese. Guacamole & handmade chips.

De Pabellón Arepa: shredded beef, black beans, salty cheese, sweet plantains in 100% corn flour buns

Best friends