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wanderlust Wednesday: still in DC and thankful for...

wanderingDCNovember2013 Things I am thankful for:

my sisters, for being amazing, each in her own weird way my parents, for having worked hard their whole lives so that I could have a great education and live my best life my grandparents, for raising my parents and still answering all my phone calls, for still being alive my friends, for being supportive no matter where I am or what I am working on or how often I answer my phone my city, for being a crazy, beautiful place where magic happens and people learn how to get along all cities, for letting people live in close quarters and learn from our different, yet similar realities leaves, for reminding us that things change the people I have met, for taking time to share their story with me skilled workers, for doing the things that allow people to live and wear clothes and turn on light bulbs writers, for still doing it even though it is hard and doesn't really pay bloggers, for being so disciplined artists, for doing it when everyone else is too scared, busy, or lazy musicians, for being artists designers, for being a little bit of everything entrepreneurs, for trying even though it is painful computer engineers, for creating things out of 0s and 1s and spending all day and night on computers activists, for making things happen even when everyone tells them to go away and be quiet