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my weekly goals #2

It's time for my weekly goals! I'm pretty proud of myself for accomplishing my three goals for last week, even if I got a little moody about #3. I also had a ton of other things I did that I wrote down in my planner. This is really helping me narrow down the priorities. 


  1. Organize myself This will be ongoing, of course, but I feel like I'm in a really good place to do some awesome things in 2015! CHECK
  2. Send out monthly newsletter I did this last week! I'm so glad because it's one of those things that is easy to put off. Read my January newsletter here. CHECK
  3. Hang out with friends in DC This was a little bit harder than expected. I had plenty of plans, but a few of them fell through--people were sick, it was snowing, ya know. What's strange is that when I'm traveling I am totally flexible and when plans get canceled it does not phase me one bit, but for some reason this week it was really annoying, maybe because I had it as a goal? Maybe I shouldn't have goals that depend on other people? At least I'm putting out my intention into the universe. I've already rescheduled girls brunch and I did have an amazing time on Thursday night with my friend. We went to see London Grammar at the 9:30 and then checked out F.L.O.T.U.S at Den of Thieves. 1/3 CHECK!


  1. Work on Laguna collection I have this idea to do some illustrations for a collection inspired by my time in Laguna Beach, California. I want to see where this goes and how I can share it with you. 
  2. Mood board for collaboration I want to start working on the collaborations I have in the queue and figure out how to go about doing them. My first step is to make a mood board for the one I'm meeting about this week. 
  3. Clean out my closet. I'm moving soon, so this is just a necessary step to packing up my things. I'll share on the blog next week!

What are your goals for the week? 

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