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My Weekly Goals #3

Here's my passion planner! I got it last week!

Here's my passion planner! I got it last week!

Happy Monday everyone! This past week was really busy. I started German, had a collaboration meeting and participated in a trunk show in Adams Morgan. I met up with some people I'd been wanting to catch up with in DC, went to Phillips After 5 and a talk at the Cutting-Edge Spanish Crafts exhibit. I also had the rescheduled girls brunch with some friends which was totally worth the wait!

I decided to stay in last night to get (food) prepped, even though I had planned to check out Jazz Loft. I made a really yummy stew, cranberry-edamame salad mix and grains to get me through the week. I also watched some TV while cooking (Downton, Girls, The Newsroom) because I needed a little chillaxing. This week I hope to continue eating well, but I need to get back on my workout schedule--I've been using snow, rain and now clouds as an excuse to sleep in and have been missing my normal gym time. 


  1. Work on Laguna collection I started on this, but I didn't get too far. Honestly, I started hating my illustrations so I stopped. I need to get back to it and be open to the work that comes out. 1/2 check
  2. Mood board for collaboration I did this and had a meeting about it! I need to follow up and start the mood board for another collab. Check!
  3. Clean out my closet This was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Normally I put it off, then don't have enough time and end up just washing and refolding everything I own. Because I had it scheduled in, I knew I had to do it. I even (unsuccessfully) tried to get my sister to do it too. I filled two bags with shoes and clothes that I do not need and took them to Buffalo Exchange and for donation. I also did my laundry and refolded everything else, resulting in a brand new outfit today. Check Check!


  1. Work out 3x Like I said, I've been a bit lax on this and only made it to the gym twice last week (actually, once because I counted walk n' work as exercise time, which is cheating). I love going on a run and taking gym classes, but coming back from sunny west coast to gray sky DC (and a long commute), well, it's been hard to get up in the AM. It's easy to get up and go on a long run on Laguna Beach because it's Laguna Beach! Enough excuses, see you in Kettlebell class. Or, if the weather let's up, on the Mall, running towards the Lincoln Memorial
  2. Complete 5 sketches for Laguna collection I have time scheduled so I have to ignore my self critic and get some sketches on paper. 
  3. Cut robe pattern and get organized I'll be back in the sewing studio this week and I want to use the time to cut my robe pattern out of some fabric I printed over the holidays and get my next collection organized. I've made some decisions recently about the direction I want to go, so I'm ready to move forward. 

What are your goals for the week? 

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